About Us

EM Photonics’ core competency lies in its strength with using GPUs, FPGAs, and other parallel computing platforms to accelerate extremely complex computational applications. We have developed products in the areas of image processing, linear algebra, and scientific computing and worked with clients in fields from finance to defense to life sciences. Our success can be attributed to our ability to push the boundaries in high performance computing and deliver solutions that are truly innovative.

For over a decade, we have helped customers to significantly improve the computational performance of their systems and applications. We have developed custom embedded devices, desktop software, and high-performance computing solutions. We have also worked with commercial clients to migrate their software applications to modern parallel processing hardware. From CUDA training classes to algorithm analysis to the complex work of code optimization on the GPU, our services offerings are broad ranging and fairly priced.

Our Vision

Problem solvers with a commitment to delivering valuable to solutions to our customers. Whether its adapting existing tools to the new computing climate or pioneering cutting-edge technologies, EM Photonics has the experience you need to help you succeed.

Our Culture

A place where ideas can flow freely and every individual is welcome to contribute, where people are given the opportunity to take the lead and solve problems, where every individual embraces the company vision with strong commitment and passion — that is our culture.

We encourage you to read about our partnerships for some insight on our company’s future plans, and the news section to learn about our latest product and services announcements.