Our Products Push the Limits of the Latest Computing Technology

EM Photonics has applied its expertise in accelerated computing to develop products customers can purchase off the shelf. These tools have grown out of our research areas, allowing us to deliver computational tools to meet our users’ needs.

Our popular CULA linear algebra libraries provide best-in-class performance while being robust and easy to use. ATCOM, a product family developed by our Image Processing group, is the industry’s most effective solution for improving long-range imagery degraded by atmospheric turbulence. Customers can expect continued development and ongoing technical support, plus our team’s commitment to addressing their most pressing needs.

CULAtools™ is a family of GPU-accelerated linear algebra libraries comprised of CULA Dense and CULA Sparse. CULA utilizes the NVIDIA CUDA parallel computing architecture to dramatically improve the computation speed of common mathematical techniques. To continuously support our user community, CULA has its own web site offering complete product documentation, downloads, user forums, blog, and news updates.
ATCOM™ is a suite of products that use state-of-the-art image processing techniques to reduce and even eliminate the blurring and warping caused by atmospheric turbulence. Developed in partnership with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, our solutions are real time, based upon years of research, and tested satisfactorily with a variety of sensor types, wavelengths, optical setups, and target ranges