GPU Consulting

Matching your domain mastery to our GPU expertise.

Our Strengths

EM Photonics, a leader in the field of GPU computing, is proud to offer GPU consulting services that match your domain mastery with our GPU expertise to meet the challenges of next generation systems.

We are pioneers in the field of GPU computing

We have used GPUs for general purpose computing since 2005, well before CUDA and other technologies were available. Since then, we have refined our approach to achieve only the best performance out of GPUs.

Who have built fundamental technologies for the GPU

Our CULA suite of products pushes the boundaries of what is possible in GPU computing, providing advanced solutions to some of the most complex problems in science and engineering. We are here to do the same for your code.

And can work in any domain, including yours.

We are comfortable working in many domains. Our experience includes linear algebra, computational biology, structural and fluid dynamics, electromagnetics, image processing, computational finance, and many other areas. We have expertise in CUDA, C++ AMP, and OpenCL, and work in your chosen platform or will help select one.

Our Approach

We have refined our process over 6 years of accelerating codes to achieve only the best performance out of accelerators such as the GPU.

Navigating the complexities of GPU computing can be challenging. We will work tirelessly to meet your needs and to make sure you are absolutely satisfied with our work.


  • Code Analysis and Profiling
  • CPU to GPU Code Porting
  • MATLAB Acceleration
  • Multi-GPU Support
  • GPU Training
  • Hybrid Architectures
  • Scaling for HPC


From 1,000 lines to 1,000,000 lines, no codebase is too small or too large. We have accelerated C/C++, Fortran, Matlab, and other codes in workstation, cluster, and super-computing environments.

To engage our engineers, please contact us with a description of your needs.