Research Projects

At EM Photonics, we nurture a highly technical culture with engineers given wide latitude to pursue projects and opportunities of their own interests. Some of these have become ongoing research areas that we are now continually advancing. Eventually, some of these will progress even further to become products in their own right.

Solving Problems and Enabling New Technologies

Some of our research projects take on a life as products, such as the CULA linear algebra libraries and the ATCOM image processing tools. These products have enabled our customers to add new capabilities to their solutions and push the limits of their own scientific research new technologies.

Active Research and New Interest Areas

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Our ongoing research leverages the super computing power of GPUs to improve both speed and accuracy of complex simulations.
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Computational Electromagnetics

EM Photonics has a long history in the design and fabrication of RF and optical devices. Much of this work has focused on developing high-performance tools to aid in modeling and simulation and not only do we build the tools, we then use them to design the devices themselves.
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Biologically-inspired Systems

The study of models and techniques inspired by biological constructs and neural networks is a burgeoning research area at EM Photonics. Our current interest is in the development and implementation of a new generation of threat detection and avoidance technology.
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